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All the new features included

Smart Buttons

- Our buttons are now smarter than ever!

- Set up a Buy Now button so when a user clicks on it, it will add the product directly to his cart

- And set up another action with a custom link so he will be automatically redirected to the checkout or cart page.

Buttons offer now more powerful tools and options to make sure your visitors see it:

- Scroll Into View

- Animation

- Animation on Hover

- Animation on Click

List your features & benefits

- Easily use and view with an icon next to it.

Show your product’s best angles:

- Add a high-quality image

- Add a video directly from YouTube or Vimeo

- Change the display of the photo from left to right in just one click

Add a text or an image badge

- On your product’s image/video

Align your content and set Full Width on/off

- So it fits perfectly to the shape of your website you designed with EcomSolid

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